Withdrawing MXC

I have a M2 Miner running in the United States on the Huobi Pool. How do I withdraw MXC? The MXC Exchange and Huobi Global exchanges do not have United States listed on sign up.

You can create a MetaMask wallet, which is a decentralized wallet to circumvent going through an exchange oversees with so many restrictions. Create an MXC wallet since it’s also an ERC-20 token.
You can do this by looking up the contract ID for the token on CoinGecko or etherscan.

I have provided both links for you to verify.

You can convert your MXC to any other ERC-20 token using a DeFi exchange such as Uniswap and transfer new coins to a US exchange like Coinbase/Coinbase Pro, Gemini, Crypto . Com, blockcard or bitpay. To either send the money to your bank account via ACH or use a prepaid Visa/MasterCard for the crypto you loaded.

Please keep in mind that once you sell your coins, it is now a taxable event in the US and that the exchanges will only work based on the state you live in if a bit license is paid by the exchange for that region.

I hope this info helps😉

Thanks! Appreciate the help!