Resetting the MINER without Connection

Hello -

I’ve connected my miner to a Guest network at my house and I’m unable to connect to the device because the Guest network doesn’t allow it.(This is an ISP device)

How can I reset my miner without being able to login?
Does this the Blue Button factory reset it somehow I can’t figure it out.

There is absolutely no way this device should not have a way to factory reset it when you cannot connect. The ethernet port is also enabled but It will not allow any connection on that port for some reason.

This device should allow ethernet connections if the Wifi isn’t connected. This is kind of frustrating that I can’t just reset my device or that this information isn’t readily available. I’ve been trying to get support for days regarding this issue with no responses.

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Hold the button next to the light (about 10 seconds). When it starts blinking, stop holding the button and then press it once again. Worked for me.