MatchXpro 2 - Steady red Light

MatchXpro 2 - Steady red Light

My MatchX pro 2 now suddenly I got a Steady red Light instead of my greenlight.’
power is suplied with the POE injector with the miner.
I have tried the following:

  • Ethercable in out for a hard reboot.
  • other ethernet cables
  • other powersource (POE switch and connected it to my laptop with a usb C connector
  • reset with the blue button (hold 10sec, release when becomes flashing blue, press blue button again)


Some help would be apricated or a new miner.
(I have thee feeling this is gonna be a long story of waiting and doing the same stuff again I did here above.)

PS is it possible to release or set a steady IP address somewhere?
As soon the miner works again offcourse.

Hello, i have the same issue, did you resolved yours?

same issue here for 2 days