M2 Pro Setup Issue

How do I fix the issue of LED blinking yellow and green? After receiving the M2 Pro Miner I followed the box instructions and YouTube tutorial correctly with no luck. It has also been plugged in for over a day. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Check the manual for what the flashing yellow and green means I think that means your lpwan isn’t working you might when to check on your wifi router unplug it and plug it back in

The manual says LPWAN service is either not running (fast blink) or running intermittently (slow blink). Not sure how to differentiate the speed but I would guess the LED is blinking fast. Also, thank you for suggestion but unfortunately it did not solve the problem as it appears to be blinking the same.


I the problem persist, I would first check the internet connection and your router settings, maybe there is something that block the connection. If this is possible I would try to connect the M2Pro in some different location to see it this is a local network problem.

If the problem is still present you can contact the support on our discord or write us an email. Support will give you instruction how to provide log files and grant a remote support access to your M2Pro.

Thank you @piotr for the help. I was able to join the discord and find the solution to the problem. With so many members in the community there is a lot of useful information to find there. Miner is now setup and online, super exciting!

Thanks again.

Hi Timtim, can you give me the article, i have the same issue.

can i have the article please?

When setting up a matchm2pro miner, the Ethernet cord plugs into what port on your router or modem?