Login MXOS version 0.0.12

I did an update to version 0.0.12. Now the web interface ask for user and passwort.
What are the default credentials?

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For the login please use: luci
Password: SERIAL NUMBER of the gateway

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hello Kirill,

this is not working. I have not touched the user / password. I have just activate the update over the cloud web page.

@hansju I had a similar problem and I believe the password you are looking for is in your gateway details page in the section highlighted in red below

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@hansju Please use luci instead of root as a login

For lot of users it was inconvenient to use root password to login to the WebUI of the Gateway, this is why in version 0.0.12 we introduced new default account:

Username: luci
(Use capital letters for Serial Number)

luci works for me

thx for support.


i would like to connect to the webui of the gateway and luci as username doesnt work. I have tried also root both in combination with the SN as password. My device just arrived from the factory please help

Can you first connect the Gateway to the server specific to your region and see if it connects correctly? Then please update the firmware to the latest.