Is Wifi connection possible?

Hi, is there anyway to connect my m2 pro miner to internet via
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Yes there is. M2Pro has a WiFi interface. You need to first connect the M2Pro with Ethernet cable to your local network and then access it through IP address, or if your are using Windows or Linux you can type in “SERIAL_NUMBE”.local. You should be able to open the Web UI, the default login is admin and password is the SERIAL_NUMBER. Then you will be asked to change the password. You can configure WiFi on the wifi tab.

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Hi Piotr, thank you very much. That was very helpful. Only thing is now that my serial number is not accepted as password. I enter the number which follows „S/N:“ on the back of the miner. User „admin“. It is not accepted. Any idea how to approach this?
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Did you type in the serial number using capital letters?

Yes indeed. It does not work anyway.

Are you sure no one before you had access to this M2Pro? The first time you log in to the Web UI the password needs to be changed. You can try to reset the device to factory settings by pressing the button for about 10s, until the LED start blinking cyan. Release and then press once again. M2Pro will reset to factory and try to reconnect to the Super Node and the password should return to factory.

Dear piotr
Is it possible to connect the M2 Pro Miner directly to the wifi in case I have only a wireless connection?
I do not have a router or any Ethernet input.
Thanks a lot

Hi. I didn´t understand, sorry. Where do I type “SERIAL_NUMBE”???

You don’t need serial number in browser address bar. Just type in the ip address. The serial.local does not work. You can download to find the IP.

Now I have an issue. Every time I try to connect it to my wifi I get this: ERRORRUN iwlist failed.
Any advice?? Ive already rebooted miner and router several times.

Hi all, just a question: do someone have a problem with connecting the miner to the wifi? (The problem is when you try to find wi-fi available… the dashboard give me this message error: ERRORRUN iwlist failed

Can someone help me?
Thank you veri much!

I had the same issue. Here’s what i did:

  1. uncheck “Enable” for Access point
  2. Check "Enable " for Wifi client
  3. Hit Save at the bottom
  4. Go to System–>General–>Reboot
  5. Wait for the page to reload. Take about a minute.
  6. Now log in again and go to the Network–>Wireless tab
  7. Add your network SSID and hit the search (Magnifying glass) button

You should now see all the networks available. Select the one you want to connect to and hit Save and then Reboot again. Thats it. Hope this helps!