How many Miners can i manage

Hy @all

My question is, how many miner device´s can i manage with my Data Dash App and with my account?
I´ve read, that i can operate 10 miners on one location.
For example when i startup with 10 miners on location A and als with 10 miners on location B can i handle and manage this 20 miners with my one account and data dash app?

thanks for answering

Hi Chris,

I’m not sure of the actual upper limit, but I personally manage 28 miners with my DataDash application.


Hi Chris,

There is no limit to the amount of miners that you can manage from your DataDash app.

What you may be referring to is the ‘10 miner per area’ guideline of the Proximity factor. Essentially what it means is: the first 10 miners in your local area (approx. 2 miles) will perform at full power. The 11th miner will perform at 80%. 12th miner = 60%. 13th miner = 40%. 14th miner = 20%. 15th miner = 0%.
This is designed to encourage users to spread their miners out (aka no mining farms!) to achieve our goal of using the miners to create the world’s first IoT network.