How do you pay for the M2 with Tether?

Hello everyone,

After a ton of research, I’ve decided to buy the M2 Pro. My only barrier is that I need to buy this with USDT (tether). This is my first time buying anything with crypto. Other than putting in my basic information for the order(name, address, etc), there wasn’t anywhere for me to put any payment information when I selected to pay with USDT. I was still able to place my order. Shortly after, I received an email stating that my order was on hold until I sent the USDT.

Has anyone bought their M2 Pro with USDT? How did you send it to MatchX?

I appreciate all the help. Thanks!

I too am looking for this info after placing an order this morning. I would like to get the payment settled ASAP.

Looking forward to this too. I’ve also a 50€ Discount, but the Tether ammount stays the same (2995$) with or without the Discount.

I got an email from the team this morning with instructions on Payment

What were their instructions?

They sent me an actual invoice and then all the different wallet addresses that could be used. Once the transaction is sent, you reply with the TX ID for the transfer.

So I don’t know about you guys…but looking back on it, something is plain fishy about the email “”. I sent my payment info over a week ago and I haven’t gotten a confirmation back saying the payment went through. I’m starting to think I got scammed or MatchX is just really busy with all the orders like all the helium hotspot miners are.

I also made an order and paid 1 ETH. Payment was successful. I did not receive an order confirmation. do not reply to my emails.