Future Profitability?

Hi, I just started mining with this a couple of days ago. So far so good! My question is, right now are we getting a static distributed amount of mxc/per day? and if so, for how long? In the future, will we earn mxc based on how much data runs through our device? Thanks for clearing this up :+1:

Hi, yes the pay has been in the $10 - $14 per day per miner, and the amount of MXC tokens adjusts each day to keep in that dollar range (so if price of MXC goes up, then the number of MXC tokens goes down). And yes, in the future, when the network starts getting fully rolled out later this year, there will be additional payouts based on how much IoT traffic handling each miner is doing.

Thanks for the answer santosm. I missed the beta, do you know when everyone will be able to use the BTC mining feature?