Delivery to USA

I ordered my M2 Pro last week and have received ZERO response from the company despite several emails and posting on their FB page. Has anyone received an M2 Pro in the US? How long did it take?

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Did you got answer from them? I ordered too but there was no expecting delivery date, just a Thank you letter.

You should join the telegram group. Right now I think time between order and shipping is around 6 weeks based on what I’ve seen. I ordered mine March 13th and received it April 18th.

But your capitalization of “ZERO” implies you were expecting a level of hand-holding here that just isn’t going to happen. If you don’t trust a company you shouldn’t spend $3k with them. If you DO trust them enough to give them $3k then why do you need an update with no new information about your miner?

I wouldn’t call expecting any type of response “hand holding”. I capitalized zero because I didn’t even get an automated reply to my email. Literally zero communication.

They finally replied on FB saying by end of May

I’m having the exact same experience. Ordered and paid for a miner. I’ve had no response from the company. I’ve emailed many times and sent other messages. I understand if the miner is on back order, I kinda assumed it would be. I have no complaints at all if it is going to take a while to ship the product. That’s normal. At this point just a response saying that they exist would be nice.

Hahahaha if you work for a business let me know which one so I’ll know to stay away. Hand holding :joy::joy::joy::rofl:

Has anyone received their orders placed on or after 20APR?