Bitcoin Mining Profitability | M2 Pro

How much daily profit can i gain from bitcoin mining? I recently purchased the M2 Pro

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As of now, the Testnest is still running. The team is working on it and we will be able to get a hard number after 3/22/21

You can easily get the info by going to the telegram forum

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How do I find the telegram group? I searched but no luck. Thanks!

Here’s the group.


would it be possibel to put some data here - i’m not a big fan of Telegram sorry.
I’m verry interested in purchasing a miner.
Please put some data here


here we are 4/26/21 with no update? How much will it mine in BTC?


Please join the telegram forum to get immediate response from other supporters of this project. As for BTC, this number hasn’t been established as of yet due to the inconsistency of a set payment. This is a result of gas fees and isn’t an easy feat to accomplish, but the MXC Team are working harder and harder to get closer to that goal. The team is getting prepared to launch another testnet in May where we will be able to make BTC in addition to what’s already being mined.

Please feel free to read the white papers from MXC. No need to use the forum.