Best way to get order status?

I’m very new and just placed an order on March 20th. However, since then I’ve been trying to reach anyone regarding a status of the order. I’ve tried email, support link on the site and Facebook messenger all with no response. Can someone help point me in the right direction to get some help?? This isn’t exactly giving me confidence in my $3,000 investment.

Thank you in advance,


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Did you get any news yet?

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Try to join the telegram group, there will help you out someone for sure

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Where would that be at? I’ve emailed them several times as well and pending two orders with radio silence so far

Yea they can improve on their customer communications. It is a lot of money to send a company, when it is your first time dealing with the company. To ease your mind, the first unit I ordered, I didn’t get any updates until they shipped out the unit and then I received a DHL notice.

I think all the orders are on backorder and they’ve just received inventory.

I’m still waiting on 2 more units. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is their telegram


Thanks for the help :call_me_hand:t2:.

i had the same problem as you, i went to telegram and spoke directly to mr kirril krupin, he ask for my emailaddress to help me. He said they got thousands of mail and they couldnt answer my mail. he sent me an email with payment confirmation and all the details

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