About how to connect your LoRa Server to external Application server


I confirmed that my LoRa node(device) has been successfully attached to your MatchX cloud server which is maybe LoRa server & LoRa App server.
Your MatchX Box is great :slight_smile:

By the way, I want to know how to send data from your LoRa App Server to third party’s external application server for much easier viewing of LoRa data.

It seems that there is no way for that on your cloud(LoRa App Server) web page. Is it possible using HTTP or MQTT ?

Thank you in advance.

OK, I found the way to send data from your Cloud LoRa Server to the third party’s external application server using MQTT protocol.
And also, I became to know that if I change the gateway configuration(i.e. server_address field), lora packets from MatchX Box can be directly sent to another LoRa Server(i.e our LoRa Server).

Excellent MatchX Box ~


Thank you for the updated Micheal, we appreciate your kind words, an we are glad that everything worked well for you!